Guinness and Kahlua

One Finger Food Friday I decided to pour a shot of Kahlua into my Pint of Guinness. It was like drinking a dessert. It needs a little stirring but goes down quite well. I’ve since requested it in two bars (4100 in Los Angeles and Kito’s here in Petersburg, Alaska) and neither bartender had ever heard of it. I have looked online to see if anyone else has written this up and have not found anything. I know it’s a terribly simple drink but it really could be popular but it needs a name. So I’m thinking it should be called an “Alaskan Milkshake” ooohhh… maybe an “Alaskan Chocolate Milk” would be better. Any suggestions? Naturally trying out the recipe first is definitely preferable.

1 pint glass
Just shy of 1 serving of Guinness
1 shot of Kahlua

Pour the pint of Guinness. Sip a bit if you need some space in the glass. Add a shot of Kahlua and stir. Enjoy.

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16 thoughts on “Guinness and Kahlua”

  1. Personally I have been experimenting with this combination for years, for about 20. I remember the first time I asked a bartender at an irish pub to mix the two, I was practically kicked out of his pub. By the end of the night, I had convinced him that there might just be something to this combo. I am kinda partial to to naming it “eight ball”. Kinda rolls off the tongue nicely I think. Anyway what do you all think

  2. “yeah man i did an eight ball last night”

    i don’t think that one rolls off the tongue properly…

  3. I just made one. Knew I couldn’t be the first. Named it an Irish Coffee Bomb. Then Googled. Glad to be part of clueless history.


  4. Seeing as how Guinness is Irish and Kahlua is Hawaiian, why not call it an “Irish Volcano”? or a “Hawaiian Car Bomb”

  5. We’ve had Guiness and Kahlua mixed with ice cream and mall mix at a ball game. Cannot remember what they called it. Refreshing on a hot day and delicious!

  6. Here is a recipe I LOVE:

    2 scoops vanilla ice cream
    2 c. Guinness
    1 shot kahlua
    hot fudge

    It’s like a Kahlua Irish Float. Or a Guinness Hawaiian Float. lol

  7. Here in Italy I’ve found it under the name of “black Dublin”, and only in one pub so far

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