NOAC 1994, Miss Teenage America, and me

In 1994 i was the Northeast Region Chief of the Order of the Arrow.  At that year’s National Order of the Arrow Conference we had a small gathering for people from the Northeast and i invited Elizabeth Andre (Miss Teenage America) to come to our region’s rally before one of the conference shows.

I knw that Steve, Kevin and mom were there – but i found some old pictures and scanned them and thought this would be neat to post.  I had a horrible zit that day.

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5 thoughts on “NOAC 1994, Miss Teenage America, and me”

  1. I definitely remember that day. I have a ton of others from then too. Probably a close up of the zit. I seem to remember that I was shoot with NOAC film, so I took a lot of photos that day.

    I honestly can say that I don’t remember the zit, I think I was too busy trying to get Elizabeth to sign my sash.

  2. I hope Cena will post a corresponding photo of herself in 1994, brush-with-greatness or what have you. : ) We didn’t get a visit from Miss Teen USA, though …

  3. Are you referring to my participation in the Miss Alaska Pre-Teen Pageant? I’m pretty sure i could dig deep for some photos from that, but i look like a little boy. And i’ll always believe that i won miss photogenic only because the judge felt sorry for me.

  4. What?? Really?! No — I had no idea … this is even better than I thought. Yes, I suggest a post about this, of course. This is fabulous news. Did you submit a questionnaire. OMG I love spelling that word. If I even spelled it correctly. It is so, French-feeling or something.
    Abs for 1994, no I was thinking more about the exotic cannery workers we all semi-swooned for, and thrills like sneaking out to ride around in Lanette’s car.
    Best Blogs Eva, Z & C.

  5. I honestly dont think i owned a camera in high school, which was a good thing because nothing was digital and all proof would have ended up in the hands of the developer down at the drugstore who would have promptly called up my mother.

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