Print your own (Monopoly) money

Here are links to .pdf files so that you can print your own

These used to be hosted by Hasbro but for some reason they changed the link and I can no longer find them on their site. These could be great to use as original graphic files to make your own money for games.  Easier to print of a few hundred dollars in custom money than to get your own custom poker chips!  Of course, if you want to get your hands on real replacement Monopoly money you can get it here for $16.

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139 thoughts on “Print your own (Monopoly) money”

  1. These links worked perfectly on the 12th of September 2009. Only website I found that had links to the actual files on the Hasbro website.

  2. Links working dec 2009. I couldnt’ find them on the website myself and this was the only site that had direct links. Thanks!

  3. The links are still working on Decembr 19, 2009. Thanks a lot, I always run out $100 bills. You dont happen to have the $1000 Monopoly bill do you?

  4. Links work as of Dec 20, 2009. Thanks a lot for these links for the Monopoly Money. Getting ready for family game nights during the Christmas holidays.

  5. “Brenda Says:
    This web site rocks! We printed free money, it was great!”

    What do you mean free?
    You downloaded the pdfs for free, but you paid for the printer, printer ink, paper and electricity !
    It was partially free :-)

  6. Thanks for posting the PDFs. I can’t say for sure, but I’d be willing to bet that Hasbro doesn’t link the PDFs for download because they sell them. Anyway, thanks for making it available to us. Our school is working on a life-sized monopoly game, so these graphics are a big help to our school’s charity event!

  7. Thanks! I saw these on the Hasbro website last year, but when I actually needed them I couldn’t find them. The links above work perfectly (Sept. 7, 2010).

    Thanks again!!

  8. Thank you so much for these PDFs. I spent 1/2 hour trying to find a quality copy for customization and this is the only place that has them. I could not get to them by navigating through the Hasbro site. You’re a lifesaver!

  9. Still working on 6 Nov 2010. Thanks for this. Need them for someone getting married who wants cash instead of a toaster. Only a gag though, I expect we’ll still give them legal currency!

  10. 4-21-11 Still works fine! Going to use these to send to the bogus scam that is the Corporate Controllers Unit! Wouldn’t want to be “NONCOMPLIANT” and then become “DELINQUENT”!?

  11. still works 4-23-11 great im going to tell all my pals ’bout this rather than paying to hasbro

  12. Thanks! This will be awesome to use with a family I’m working with for budgeting purposes.

  13. Fantastic….. great resource as my students are always losing notes
    qick print and away we go
    Thank you

  14. The link is still working! I’ve been looking all over to replace my 35 year old money (my kids have officially worn it out now). Thanks heaps.

  15. Ryan, the links aren’t working today. Any way you could send me the files?
    I will try the links Melissa posted too.

  16. AWEsome! Thank you for the printable monopoly money….gonna use it for budgeting my monthly expenses. Yay! Thanks again. March 2012.

  17. Thanks alot we had lost ALL the money from the box, but then i found your site and was so thanful you had ALL the actually links. i also like how you filled all of 1 sheet with the money. Awesome going buddy! :)

  18. Thanks. it was perfect. It would be better to have all in black-white files to print out on any paper we want to change the color

  19. Actually Lea, I originally just had links to the Hasbro hosted files but at some point they removed them and then I just started hosting the files myself. At the time, (2008) it was very difficult to find money to print.

  20. The files were much too large to handle. And the only one that I did manage to print out was not the correct size. Maybe it’s just me. I will copy and paste with an actual glue stick the old-fashioned way to get what I need!

  21. I used photoshop to take out the color so you can print them on colored paper.If you would like the files with a transparent background let me know.

  22. Hey Jim,
    I was about to do the same thing when I read your comment. It would be awesome if you could post the PSD files or mail them to me: opamh [at] gmx (dot) net

    Greetings from Germany

  23. Link works 10-4-13 even though the US Federal Government doesn’t!
    We may be using these “for real”…soon.

  24. Photoshop?! No, don’t do that! PDFs are a vector format, and Photoshop’s just going to chew them up into pixels. In order to get anything close to the quality of the originals, you’re going to have a huge file size.

    Here, I needed to do the same thing, and fixed them up using Inkscape’s “Black and White” extension (Extensions – Colour – Black and White). You can download the result from DropBox as a zip file:

  25. Thanks. Often, in this business, you are expected to produce something in an instance. You saved me a lot of stress. And thanks to Hasbro as well.

  26. I printed on 8/29/2014 and they worked great for me….a little smaller then original, but that is okay….. :-(

  27. To get these the right size, tell your print job scale setting NOT to “fit to page” and it should scale to the correct size. Enjoy!

  28. Link worked on 3/22/2015. I want to use this money to teach my 6 home educated children about financial responsibility, so thank you for providing these files. :-)

  29. Not right size Geez how about a thanks! 15/04/15 works great THANKS now just looking for chance cc and title deeds anybody help ?

  30. Hello Ryan~~just wanted to say thank for the PDF for Monopoly Money. I have a great nephew who just turned 2 yrs. old and when I ask him if he want money……the answer is always and emphatically “yes”. So rather than give him the real deal I opted for Monopoly money or play money, which one cannot fine any longer. So again thanks for the loan of the PDF and abundant blessings to you and your family.

  31. Thanks a lot! It is exactly that I need. These links worked perfectly today.
    God bless you.

    Greeting from Ukraine.

  32. Thank you for the files. My daughter has a huge monopoly collection and i’m sure I can find something crafty to make for her. I know i’m going to print out enough for her to pay off her college loan. Monopoly money is probably the only way it will ever get paid off. HaHa!!! hope she gets the joke.

  33. Still works fine! I will use these to engrave Granite boarders to surround my Custom Granite Monopoly board!! Thanks, I could not find this kind of quality anywhere else on the WEB!!

  34. An update on the black and white version of these that I created back in 2013 – I just noticed that Dropbox seem to have changed their sharing settings and broke the link. This updated one should work:

    The idea is that you don’t need a colour printer for these – you can print them out on coloured paper and get something pretty close to the original monopoly money.

  35. Any thoughts to what paper to use? Some suggest multipurpose pastel 20#(75gsm) acid free, but monopoly money feels thinner than 20# and the print does not bleed through.

  36. thank you soo much looking everywhere but they aren’t the right notes they are a little bit different – still working 22 June 2018

  37. Nice, works fine! I will use these to engrave Granite boarders to surround my Custom Granite Monopoly board!! Thanks, I could not find this kind of quality anywhere else on the WEB!!

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