Litter benefits me

Litter benefits me

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I spent a few minutes and checked a spot near my office that high school kids go. I’ve seen them sneak down there during school hours and before and after school. I found plenty of cigarette butts, beer and liquor bottles, pop cans, and empty snack wrappers. I’ve decided i’ll start to patrol it and will harass kids I see go down there. I picked up 10 botle caps that got me 3 points each in the mycokerewards program. Big thanks to Kevin for texting me codes when he gets them!

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3 thoughts on “Litter benefits me”

  1. And after Cena’s most recent post gave me a smile, thinking of our misspent youth, specifically the entire year of 1994 (?) when we often spent our lunch breaks smoking underneath the Harbormaster Shack. Could we have found a grosser spot? I don’t think so. And now she’s living with the law, aye yay yay!

  2. I would put money on the possibility that Jaclyn and i were headed to the Shack that fateful day… Awww, somehow the scent of cigarette smoke was so much more pleasant than the smell of low tide and dead fish – never imagined my opinion would do a 180!

  3. Isnt’t that true, I would rather walk into a restaurant that smells like the cannery at full bore, than a restaurant filled with smokers’ detritus. Although I still feel a Libertarian streak when I notice bartenders having to stand outside to smoke around Anchorage (it was banned a year ago, the clean air establishment thing), that strikes me as wrong.

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