Petersburg Sons of Norway Hall out of Lego

On Saturday and Sunday I worked on a Lego piece for Lux Boutique’s window. I ran out of roofing pieces so the dormers are not represented and it has an opening on both sides so you can see down into the Hall. I thought about making Fishermen’s Memorial Park (next door) also. Perhaps next year. Last year I poured Lego onto the floor of one of the windows and divided the colors to look like a Norwegian flag.

Ryan McFarland via Flickr (1004 Posts)

4 thoughts on “Petersburg Sons of Norway Hall out of Lego”

  1. Gak! Brilliance. I nominate you for Norwegian of the Year. THere’s really that award, right? Or is it Norwegian American, in keeping with PC trends. : )

  2. Yes Tiff, i believe it is the latter, and i agree that he would make a fine candidate. The only thing he has working against him is his refusal to buy a Norwegian sweater!

    btw, happy birthday to my favorite person named Tiffany!

  3. That’s better than Anthony’s insistence that he and Becky Weisenberger (both Azorean) open their own Sons (and Daughter) of Portugal Hall. And build it right next to the Sons of Norway, naturally.

    I hope the Lego structure is reigning proudly in the Lux window, it’s very cool.

  4. Are there Scottish sweaters? Zieak needs an ethnic garment. And not a mere kilt or beret, something befitting his stature.
    We’ll think on this and report back to you.

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