Lego Mindstorm

Today i bought four Lego sets at the hardware store during lunch.  They came to $202.24 after a 70% discount.  They originally retailed at $635.96.  Two of the sets were identical and originally cost $249.99.  How could a Lego set cost that much?  It is the Lego Mindstorm base set which includes programmable robotic features, bluetooth integration (control the robot with a cell phone), motors, sensors and more.  I bought two so i could sell one on Amazon and pay for the cost of the purchase.  I also bought two other sets that are pretty valuable on Amazon also.  I have always felt a little shame in selling Lego.  Don’t worry family members — i never have sold any of the family collection.  In fact a number of people have given me their family’s collection and I have bought a fair amount on eBay and at garage sales.  But i did buy a set of train tracks at the thrift store for $2 which i listed on eBay and sold for more than $100 once.  I’m sure they went to a home that will use them more than i would have anyway.

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