Bike and Shopping Cart

While we were in Arizona i remembered seeing a shopping cart that had been kicking around outside Lux Boutique for a few days.  I sent Ailis a text message to see if it was still there.  It had moved but she grabbed it for me.  I have been experimenting with attaching a bicycle to the back end of it making a versatile cargo cycle.  I wrote up the latest version on Instructables of course.

Tim on the Cart Bike


  1. i was just reading my second favorite website [second to] and found your shopping cart bike posted.

  2. I do like that website too. I get a kick out of any time they (or Lifehacker) use my pictures or material.

  3. we use the same wordpress template… :-)

  4. Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

  5. Jimmy

    Nice idea and cool.

  6. Miri

    Cool! Please contact me, since I have an alternative idea, which I hope you can construct for me. I need it desperately as an alternative to walking to shopping with my stupid grandma-type shopping cart. I can send you links as composite examples.

  7. ça m a l air casse gueule


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