Wednesday site stats

A huge Alexa improvement this week. The figure i use for my rank on Alexa is the three month average. A few weeks ago Alexa released a Firefox plugin and about 70% of my visitors are Firefox users. Obviously enough people installed the plugin to make a difference in that ranking. This might make a difference in my Page Strength down the line.

  1. Technorati Authority: 100 (up 6) rank: 52’715 (improved 4,320)
  2. Google Page Rank: 4
  3. Alexa: 644,386 (improved 267,342!)
  4. Silktide Sitescore: broken
  5. Page Strength: 4
  6. Feedburner subscribers: 28 (up 8.)
  7. SocialMeter: 193 (broken – decreased 17)
  8. BlogTopSites: 118 (decreased 1)
  9. How much my blog is worth: $29,920.62 (down $15,807!)
  10. Blog Juice: 1.7 (new!)
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Ryan "Zieak" McFarland dabbles. Beards. Making things. Travel. Genealogy. Frugality and excessiveness. Fitness and fatness. He's a PE teacher in India, usually calls Alaska home and is a happy father to two boys and the husband to a suddenly crafty wife.

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