Changing gmail addresses

Back in 2004 i signed up for a gmail account.  Sadly, they wouldn’t allow me ot have a five character username so i went with “zieakster” instead.  Well now everyone that uses gmail goes with and i want to also.  Naturally, ryan.mcfarland was taken so i went with zieak.mcfarland instead.  The biggest hassle so far with the change has been setting my google homepage (iGoogle as they call it)  back up.  I built a few custom feeds and with just a few tabs i can see the news headlines, new posts on, comments to my flickr photos, and much more.  Half way through manually adding them all i noticed that there is a way to email the components to someone.

Email this gadget

On the gadget menu bar click on the arrow pointing down.  Select “Share this gadget” and add the email you want to send it to.  It really is that easy.  Then just log out of the old account and into the new one.  Check your email and simply click on the big link in the message.  Google truly will take over the world.

Email google modules

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