Freak in the Room

It is time to retire this shirt.  It is about 12 years old and just can not be worn in public any longer.  Rest in peace.

Freak in the Room

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Ryan "Zieak" McFarland dabbles. Beards. Making things. Travel. Genealogy. Frugality and excessiveness. Fitness and fatness. He's a PE teacher in India, usually calls Alaska home and is a happy father to two boys and the husband to a suddenly crafty wife.

4 thoughts on “Freak in the Room”

  1. I had the same one. Miss it….wish I could find another. These shirts came out in Tampa/Orlando during the rave club days. Other popular corporate variations I can remeber were…..Onexx / exxon, 8-up / 7-up , Fuckingonuts / dunkindonuts, slackers / snickers. What great times. Glad I made it through them.
    Bill Hoover of Homosassa, Fl (myspace)

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