A comparison of paid blogging services

There are services popping up to try and pair bloggers with advertisers through a sponsored post. I have joined three of them; ReviewMe, PayPerPost, and SponsoredReviews.

ReviewMe scoringReviewMe allows advertisers to peruse blogs to request paid reviews. The blogs are scored by their Alexa rank, Technorati rank, and an estimated number of RSS readers. Alexa rank is detrermined by the number of visitors to your page that are using the Alexa toolbar with Internet Explorer. Sites that cater toward more internet savvy users are bound to have a lower Alexa score because geeks use Firefox predominantly. Zieak.com gets one star for Alexa and four stars for Technorati (a measure of other blogs linking to Zieak.com). I get no stars for RSS – perhaps because i do not display my RSS readers with a badge on my site – or because i only have 20 or so subscribers. Zieak.com has an overall rank of one out of five stars. As a result an advertiser needs only pay $40 to have a review done at Zieak.com. I would only receive half of that in payment. Bloggers can receive between $20 and $200 in payments for reviews. In the months that i have belonged to ReviewMe i have not had one request for a paid review from them. I do not display their banner because it is huge and ugly (in my opinion).

ReviewMe ad from JohnChow.com

PayPerPost lets bloggers browse advertisers and request projects. They also use Alexa rank to determine the “tack rating” a blog receives. Zieak.com has a Google pagerank of four that coupled with the Alexa rank gives zieak.com three out of five tacks. They currently have 115 different opportunities paying between $5 and $12. I have never found an opportunity to be paid to review any product or website where i felt the payout was worth the requirement.PayPerPost

In addition, PayPerPost has a referral program, a banner to allow others to be paid to review your posts (and you get paid when they do), and now a direct way to deal with advertisers that seems to remove PayPerPost from skimming any potential profit from your review. I have had 10 people click on one of my “get paid to review this post” and one of the 10 is pending. If they complete the referral requirements i will receive $7.50.

SponsoredReviews also lets bloggers go through the advertisers.  Advertisers then accept or reject offers.  I have done one review and was paid $26 via Paypal for it.  The range of advertisers and what they are willing to pay is substantial.


Overall, SponsoredReviews and PayPerPost are better options for the small-time blogger looking to add some revenue to their site.   ReviewMe is geared toward the heavy hitters of the blogosphere.

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  1. Indeed SporsoredReviews.com seems the best of the 3 for me also, because ReviewMe.com doens’t have anything for me at the moment and PayPerPost.com didn’t accept my blog :D

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