Governor Sarah Palin and the Vikings and Valkyries

During the pageant for the 2007 Little Norway Festival in Petersburg, Alaska, Alaska’s Governor – Sarah Palin addressed the crowd.  She was welcomed with a rowdy greeting from the Vikings and donned some fur on loan from Caryn Flint. Petersburg was founded by Norwegians and every year the town celebrates the Norse heritage with festivities in mid-May. Some people dress in outfits and pillage the town during the festival – those in the background.

Sarah Palin

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27 thoughts on “Governor Sarah Palin and the Vikings and Valkyries”

  1. Are those dead fetuses hanging from her Cold Republican neck?

    Oh, sorry .. just dead ANIMALS. They surely deserved to die because they didn’t accept Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior.

    Nothing to see here. Please move on.

  2. ” And as a evidence of my national security credentials, I have invited here the entire Alaskan National Guard.”

  3. Don O’Treply,

    You can tell the difference between real and fake fur via photograph? Wow, I suppose you can even tell the flavor of Kool Aid before you drink it.

  4. Chad, I assure you that is a real fur. But it was put on her by the Valkyrie sitting on the bottom row behind the governor. She wore it for the speech and then gave it back.

  5. …and in closing, in honor of the courageous men and women who suffered cold and barren wastes to build a better life for their children, and in honor of the selfless animals that gave all that humans could be warm and fed, and by their sacrifice allowing our forebears to survive long enough to harness the power of fossil fuels, with it’s derived technologies such as the synthetic fibers that are far superior to animal pelts, making wrap like the one I am wearing an obsolete relic of a by-gone era, and a crass status symbol reserved for the avarice of the very wealthy, so that today we have the luxury of being free to turn our attention to protecting fur bearing animals, rather than being forced by necessity to slaughter them merely for the sake of our own survival on a day to day basis. And so, Alaska and America I say, let the oil flow. Drill Here and Drill Now! And whose ready for a Moose Burger?

  6. Absolutely, #3. Gov. Palin personally tracked, killed, skinned and tanned the hides of those fetuses. Luckily, you weren’t in Alaska during your gestation.

  7. “Y’all are concerned about these poor little animals? What’s your prob? Those critters get to wear fur all their lives, fuh cryin’ out loud!”

  8. “In honor of Leif Ericsson’s discovery of America, we have gathered here his descendants to accept a commemorative plaque and weregilt of six goats, two sheep…”

  9. “Pedobear, stop groping my undeveloped breasts and go rape my other daughters, or I will shoot you and eat you.”

  10. actually i like Sarah Palin very much. she is a very good role model for all women. i believe that she is a great politician and did something very well in Alaska.

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