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beforeJust a single reciprocal link from John Chow gave my Technorati ranking a 1,474 rank increase. In the last 21 hours (since he posted the link) i have had 7 new visitors to my page from his list (and a few bots too). His blog is ranked number 113 in the world but linkbait like his has really helped build his rank. Just like just about anything there are ways to exploit the systems to make them work to your advantage. I guess you can count me as one of those people looking for the exploit.


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Ryan "Zieak" McFarland dabbles. Beards. Making things. Travel. Genealogy. Frugality and excessiveness. Fitness and fatness. He's a PE teacher in India, usually calls Alaska home and is a happy father to two boys and the husband to a suddenly crafty wife.

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