Ikea vurm wine rack into towel rack

We don’t live anywhere near an Ikea (Google maps says it is 1,255 miles away). There’s one in Seattle that we walk through once or twice a year but we picked up a vurm wine rack at the local Salvation Army for $2. We don’t drink wine very often but figured it would look nice somewhere. When we got home a friend that moved in with us for a month said that he had just taken four of them to the thrift store. Well, at least the money goes toward needy families.

Vurm wine rack

So the thing has been kicking around for a month and we finally decided that we’d make a towel rack out of it. I removed the stereotypical wooden towel bar and used four over-sized stainless steel screws to attach the vurm rack to the wall near the shower. The best configuration seems to be rolling up two hand towels and hanging two bath towels.

Vurm towel rack

Yes, those are framed Olivia prints torn from pages of Playboy magazine. Yes, that is a museum-style label noting the artist and medium. We have them throughout the house for all artwork (and some more mundane objects too). I’ll write a tutorial on that sometime soon.

Vurm rack


  1. manja

    Innovative idea!!! :) I like it.

  2. came across this posting while looking for a bar/wine rack…Noticed your name,which is very similar to mine…Minus the d on the end of yours….Where you from thats 1,200 miles from seattle….

  3. mercedes

    do the bath towels rolled up fit as well or are they two big to be rolled up and placed there?


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