Yesterday i discovered a small papercut between my fingers the painful way – i was using instant hand sanitizer. Today i was opening some mail and realized that i got the papercut by opening an envelope the previous day. If rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper, and paper cuts then my hand doesn’t stand a chance against rock or scissors. Since knowledge is power then here is all you need to know to conquer a papercut. A papercut is actually two words (1) but i say them together so fast that the ‘r’ and the ‘c’ should overlap. Paper cuts hurt more than cuts made by a metal blade because they leave behind fibers and chemicals in the wound (2) and because they don’t usually bleed the wound never receives blood to form a clot and seal the opening (3). A dot of super glue is an excellent way to button up an open paper cut. The glue also blocks air from touching the exposed nerves (4) which send the signal of pain to the brain.

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