Lego magnets

Materials required for the projectA few years ago a friend bought me a set of three Lego bricks with magnets in them from when she went to Legoland. (Thanks Hezz!) You can buy a different set online at the Lego store. I received a set of Magz for Christmas and I noticed that the small magnets in the bar component of the toy looked like the right size to fit in the cylinder in the bottom of Lego bricks. I have scads of Lego but was lucky enough to get a bit of new Lego as a gift also. Tonight I put the two together.
You need a set of Magz, some Lego, super glue and a pair of diagonal pliers.
Diagonal pliers and Magz bars
Use the cutters to cut the ends of the bars.
Cutting out the magnet
You don’t need to cut the entire depth to the magnet – just enough to liberate the tiny rare earth magnet from its captor. Use the metal of the cutters to harvest the magnets and keep them from disappearing on you.
Free magnets
Putting two magnets in the cylinder of the underside of a standard brick will make it strong but without glue one will sometimes be left on the metal surface. I found that just a small amount in a few spots of the inside of the brick was sufficient.
Lego magnets done
By putting the magnets inside the cylinder you don’t render them useless for future buildings.
Lego magnets assembled

These Lego magnets are far more powerful than the ones that were sold at Legoland. I’m sure you can order rare earth magnets if you don’t want to buy or ruin a set of Magz. The set I have came with 94 bars – each bar has two magnets. For Lego bricks with more than two cylinders in the underside you can easily skip a few (in a 2×4 brick there would be three so you could just leave the center one empty). Don’t have Magz? Click on an image below to get them from Amazon.

Super Magz 130 Magnetic Construction Kit M1704 74 Count Magnetic Construction Set With The Exclusive X Pieces, Bars and Balls

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