Nintendo card reader

I finally completed the Nintendo controller card reader. Before i drone on about it there are a few things that must be said.

1. I did not play much Nintendo as a child. I was in 9th or 10th grade when they hit it big and i was not very interested in it.
2. If you try this you could hurt yourself, burn your house down, knock down the power in your community, or worse.

You’ll need some stuff for this project.

  • A Nintendo Controller
  • A card reader of your choice
  • Small screwdrivers
  • A Dremel tool
  • A hobby knife set
  • Glues

    You can see that the cardreader is just the right size for the controller. Despite some of my other projects i’m really not that interested in soldering and modifying everything – i’d rather just open one case and put the guts from something else in. This isn’t as much a craft as a skinning project.

    I glued the buttons in place and then trimmed them down as much as possible to make space for the cardreader.

    Mark the areas for the cards you want to be able to read. This was a “12” in one cardreader but i only use compact flash and sd cards. I used the Dremel to cut the initial hole and then used the razor to trim it nicely.

    I did run into a small problem. The cord for the cardreader didn’t fit the form factor.

    Looking at the board i realized i couldn’t solder a new usb cord in. I had to risk cutting away plastic to see if i could get the cord to fit after discarding the unnecessary parts.

    It worked. I also trimmed some of the sheathing of the cord to make it fit well. I then glued everything in place because i didn’t want the parts to drift around at all.

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    13 thoughts on “Nintendo card reader”

    1. you should make a swapable / removable hard drive out of an old atari cartridge system and some of the 1.8″ hard drives [they might just fit into atari cartridges]

    2. we never even owned a nintendo, did we?
      but Amiga games…Dungeon Master, Defender of the Crown, Marble Madness, Populous…

    3. I think it was a generic one. It did not have a brand name on it any where. Seems to me that i paid $9.99 for it at some point.

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