I managed to repair my computer so that I’m able to upload the images from my digital camera again. I also fixed the cd burner. Last night the team i was on won the trivia game. (Thanks Gene, Cena, and Amy!) I got a call on my cell phone from the police dispatcher saying there was an alarm going off in one of the firetrucks. Sure enough, one of the airpacks PASS alarms was going off. I bled the air from the line to the regulator and reset the system. Hmmm.

A neat spam message.

I just got the message below to my hotmail account. I’m using a program that won’t open html in emails though so i can’t figure out if they want me to buy v!ag’ra or c’ia|is.


�١١١� �Ŀ�����Ʈ / ���� / ��� /�ѱ� �١١١�

�١١١� �Ŀ�����Ʈ / ���� / ��� /�ѱ� �١١١�

“���伥 ������ ����CD ”

d�� ����� �帳�ϴ�!!

��� �޾ư�����~~



Bear Skull

Marley has been doing this thing where she takes off when let out to go to the bathroom late in the evening. Then she’ll spend the whole night out. In the morning when she’s let back in she has come home smelling of death. Not like the smell of autumn leaves. Oh no. The smell of rotten meat, muskeg, maybe maggoty salmon. Well, this morning when I let her in after a night of non-domestication i saw a large skull in the front yard. A sizable bear skull. Thanks Marley!

U.S. Budget deficit and surplus chart

I was kind of curious about just how wars impact our national budget. I also wondered what our deficit/surplus history looked like compared to presidential party affiliation. I found it pretty strange that democrats tend to have a flat or favorable slope during their overall term especially with the social programs usually associated with liberal political parties. The nearly overwhelming unfavorable trend during republican presidential tenures might be attributed to greater military spending – but that’s just speculation and oversimplification on my part i’m sure. Somehow LBJ managed to lead the country into a surplus during the Vietnam conflict despite a plummet in his popularity at the time.


I need to trim my beardlet. It is at this length that i constantly am tugging on it and playing with it. Shaving cream is more difficult to rinse out and as a result of both i end up with lots of tiny fragments on my black keyboard. Damn hygiene. Which reminds me – anything that you do for four (4) minutes a day (like brushing your teeth twice a day for the suggested two (2) minutes) equates to doing that thing two (2) days for each calendar year.

Which also reminds me how annoyed i am when a number is followed by the same number in parentheses in documents. If we really need to dumb our writing down shouldn’t every word we write be followed by some simpler synonym (word that means the same). Perhaps every contraction (a shortened word) should be followed by the parenthetical (word in parentheses) two (2) word combination. Don’t (do not) you think?


I have been collecting samples from records for use in mixes and thought I’d share. Unfortunately, the record player i’m using has a problem with the output so it only plays out of one speaker. These files are mp3s.

From the record “Children’s Bible Hour sings Fun Songs of Participation” 1983

“Here comes another one of those rounds where everybody sings something different all at once.”
“Are you all ready for some exercise?”
“We’d better hear the verses one at a time.”

From “Betsy McCall’s Sing Along Party” 1963

“Could we sing some cowboy songs?”
“A sing-along is fun for the whole family, isn’t it?”
“He’s one of our most popular American composers, you know.
“That was fun. Now let’s sing along with some and hum along with others.”
“Children, wouldn’t you like to sing some of the songs that I sang when I was a girl? I’m sure you’ll like them too.”

From “Walt Disney presents Acting out the ABC’s” 1964

“Now we’re going to sing a counting song that you all know.”
“If you’ll all gather close around the phonograph, and listen carefully, I’ll tell you how we’re going to have a whole lot of fun.”
“Let’s all sing a song.”
“Now we’re going to do a fun dance…”
“So let’s play and sing”
“Select a wife from one of these pretty girls.”
“Here’s another singing game we can act out.”
“All stand in a circle and stick out your fists.”

And a few odd ones…

“Lalalala… Oh hello there. This is your old pal Grover. Yeah. Oh, I am so glad you are here. I was just here all by myself you know. Oh, but that’s ok. I can do lots of things when I’m alone.”
“Oh that was fun, let’s do it again.”

mmm… bacon!

You know when you come up with a great idea but then find out that you were too late? That just happened to me with my bacon scented candle idea. Damn. At least i have an original t-shirt design that compliments the scent. Further research found that some bear hunters have been using these bacon scented candles. (Scroll down from the doe-in-heat candles.) I’m not so sure i want to smell bacon every time i get in my car though.

This is making me hungry. I think i’ll go eat some Wheaties.



This “comedy/sci-fi” movie from 1982 stars Scott Baio (the dude from Charles in Charge) as a high school senior that accidentally gains telekinetic powers. What else would you expect after mixing some

growth formula, beer, and some fluid extracted from cannabis? Sadly, Scott’s character (Barney) only exposes Heather Thomas’ (the hot chick in The Fall Guy!) chest twice during the movie (and once was a boob double). Heather Thomas from Zapped showing her braDon’t worry – he manages to use his powers to remove other bras and tops. But while i’m talking about Heather Thomas… I did a bit of a Google Image Search (widely known as a GIS) for her and realized why she seemed familiar. I remember a picture of her with just a towel and a towering 80s haircut and this one of her in a white bikini. Ok – I’ll stop obsessing. Back to the fact that this movie had very little to do with telekinesis… This film should have been about the two mice in the scuba outfits. They could have used their telekinetic powers to remove Heather Thomas’ top and then we wouldn’t have had to deal with Bernadette (the class president). I was fascinated by the Mongoloid pitcher of the Tigers baseball team. (Our “hero” was a bench-ridden player for the Penguins who naturally won the game using his powers.)

Since it seems that Google image surfers seem to like the results on this page here are some high quality images of Heather Thomas…

Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas and the towel
Heather Thomas and the towel